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A cloud-based multi-user inventory management software that gives you the tools to track your inventory, sales and expenses with ease.

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Track Expenses, Manage sales and inventory with ease.

As a business owner, staying on top of your monthly budget is crucial to your success. There is no better way to manage your budget and know where your money is going than expense tracking.


Send Invoices to Customers

Create custom invoices and send to customers. Send automated invoice reminders and get alert when customers pay.


Track Sales and Expenses

Track sales and expenses realtime and know exactly how money comes in and out. Get valuable insights to your sales growth.


Collaborate with staff

Collaborate with staff and team members across different departments to work together seamlessly.


Audit your stock.

Audit your stock yourself. This streamlines the entire process while saving you time, effort and unnecessary stress.

  • Tick Save cost on hiring external inventory auditor
  • Tick Fast inventory count with barcode scanner
  • Tick Eliminate item theft
  • Tick Reduce human error and provide more accurate, up-to-date inventory data

Track Sales

Reduce cost and track sales from anywhere. Get real-time status of your sales and stock position.

  • Tick Keep track of your inventory in real time
  • Tick Reduce costs, improve cash flow
  • Tick Track inventory across several locations or warehouses

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Reduction in stress



Inventory accuracy



Annual Growth

Stories from our customers

Even with good inventory management software, periodically you still need to actually count your inventory to make sure what you have in stock matches what you think you have.

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Frequently Asked Queries

Ourshopbook is an inventory management software. It enables you to audit your stock yourself. It also enables you to track your stock, track sales and eliminate item theft.

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Ourshopbook works with your mobile phones, tablets or laptops. No need to purchase expensive Point of sale machine.

It costs on N2,995 / month (Unlimited users). Remember you have 14 days to use it Free. We can also apply discount if you pay for 3 months or more.

Yes Ourshopbook requires internet to work but does not consume data. Most valuable applications require internet to function efficiently. Just like banking applications etc.

If you don't subscribe during your free trial, you can still use all the functionalities except making a new sale or add a new item. You will be required to subscribe before you can make a new sale or add a new item.

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